COVID-19 Rules

Farm & U-Pick 2021 Season Rules & COVID-19 Safety Updates

To Ensure the safety of our customers and staff we have developed some new rules and regulations to follow the CDC guidelines and to help maintain everyone’s safety.

U-Pick Closes at 5pm

(Must be back to Farm Store from fields by 5pm)

  1. We require all customers to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more and to enter the U-Pick Fields.
  2. To prevent cross-contamination, we are no longer re-using our own buckets for customers to use for U-pick. We have new buckets or boxes available for purchase or you are welcome to bring your own from home to take your produce/berries home in.
    ** If you brought your own containers from home you MUST get them weighed by our staff BEFORE youpick. If you bring containers from home, but don’t get a tare weight on them, we will not be able to have the container weight removed from your total
  3. We no longer offer sampling or tasting of the farm crops in the U-pick fields.
  4. Another step to maintain safety, to ensure that we only have serious U-pickers who will respect our crops and safety, we will be charging $4 per person before you enter the fields (this will cover the first pound of fruit you purchase).
  5. In order to keep our fields safer for everyone, we will now have a staff member that will be monitoring the crops for maintaining social distancing and to enforce safety precautions.
  6. Children under 12 must be accompanied by and adult that will supervise them AT ALL TIMES and make sure they are following the rules and guidelines.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse service to customers who do not follow the rules of the farm. We appreciate your patience with these new steps we’re taking.
  8. Only pick from fields taht are assigned to you. DO NOT go into a field you are not assigned to.
  9. Please return carts and wagons to their stations. Please sanitize carts and wagons before use at sanitation location by carts.
  10. Please take a photo of our map and follow our U-Pick signs.
  11. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences these temporary safety precautions may cause you.