Bella’s First Annual Sunflower Maze & U-Cut

NOW OPEN DAILY from 9am to 5pm (last call is at 4pm)!

Admission to the Sunflower Maze is Free this year, but U-Cut is pay per stem. See info below!

Many people are familiar with corn mazes in the fall, but a summer sunflower maze is a new fun way to incorporate our love for flowers and fall into one fun new event!

The sunflower maze will have a similar feel to the corn maze, but you will be weaving through sunflowers instead! While making your way through the maze you can cut your own sunflowers and pay for those per stem (prices listed below). This is our first year trying a sunflower maze and being an organic farm, you will find weeds in between our sunflowers, so don’t be surprised. You enter the maze at the starting point and wander your way through the paths looking for the exit. There will be some dead ends and we suggest you wander around to all of them in order to find some of the better photo ops! **ALL PHOTOS TAKEN – YOU MUST CREDIT BELLA ORGANIC FARM AS THE LOCATION**

The sunflower maze is dependent on Mother Nature, so we will be announcing our opening date and hours of operation soon! Those of you who know Oregon, know that our weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so the paths could be muddy OR dusty. The summer sun may make it hot and muggy. We suggest you bring bottled water and wear sun protection. Please be aware of the weather conditions while you are on the farm and plan accordingly!

Since this is a farm field, we recommend you wear closed toe shoes and ones that are comfortable to walk around in. If you are allergic to bee stings, exercise caution in the field because it will be full of pollinators while the sunflowers are in bloom. Long, loose sleeves and pants would be a great choice in order to U-Cut, especially due to the pollinators and rubbing against the flowers and weeds can irritate the skin.

**The Sunflower Maze is Dog Friendly!!**

Sunflowers are only in full bloom for a short period of time. They usually only last between one and three weeks, depending on the weather. If you want to witness this spectacle, be prepared to act quickly!

Once we have a more detailed idea of when to expect our sunflowers to be ready, we will announce that to the public, here and on our social media pages! (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok).

Pricing Information for the Maze & U-Cut can be found below. We will offer U-Cut Sunflowers during the season of our sunflower maze, and pre-picked arrangements that can be purchased inside our farm store. You can get buckets at the farm for picking and we also offer clippers for use to cut your own, but we DO require a deposit in order to use our clippers. The deposit is refunded to you in a credit towards your flower purchase, once the clippers are returned. You are also welcome to bring your own clippers from home to use for U-Cut Sunflowers.

Sunflower 2023 Maze Ticket (Open Now – only another week or so)
U-Cut Sunflowers (For Purchase AT FARM not online)PRICE
One Regular Stem
One Extra Large Sunflower $5
Purchase a One Gallon Bucket to put your stems in$2
Pre-Picked Sunflower Arrangements in our store$15-25
Clipper Deposit
(This amount refunded as a credit towards your flower purchase upon returning clippers
in the same condition they were given to you)